How do you describe and determine your ideal client?

This is a vital question in my view, when determining your goals.

Part of any business plan, a marketing plan must be created, and within should be an ideal client description.


Quite simply, if you do not know your ideal client and where they are found, how can you market your business to attract them.

On LinkedIn, there has been quite debate about business failure, and everyone has misunderstood that the basic business building block has been ignored.

So, how do you describe and determine your ideal client?

What factors should you include in such a description?

This will be an interesting debate, since, I am presently in the process of creating new ones for my business.

Business Referral Exchange – Visitors Days

Having been a 10 year member of Business Referral Exchange, there is always one date that I love in the calendar.

The Vistors Day.


Potential New Members
New faces in the room
New humour
New ideas
A new network of contacts

Every person that enters brings with them at least 250 new contacts in their network, so if 10 visitors venture forth, 2,500 new contacts could just be a referral away.


How would that impact upon your business?

How would that impact upon my business?

Perhaps that explains my excitement.

Two groups in Business Referral Exchange are holding visitor days just 10 days apart  and several miles apart – I will be at both

On Tuesday 8 June 2010 – Bexley at the Holiday Inn, Black Prince Roundabout on the A2 host theirs.

Then Croydon, at The Hilton, Purley Way, host theirs on Friday 18 June.

Both start at 7:15am for 7:30am, follow the tried tested formula, and their respective excellent breakfasts are £10 each. You do get a receipt.

Each group has characters within, but more importantly both groups have successful businesses as members; understanding of the art of giving referrals and supporting their members.

Would you like to sample the ambience, and perhaps obtain some new business into the bargain?

Then why not drop me a line with your details, and I will see about arranging that for you. Email here.

One condition: you must smile because we always have fun when we do breakfast.

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