Imagine reducing your bills at home by £600 per year on essentials services?

Imagine being provided with a two year fixed energy deal?

Imagine having your light bulbs at home replaced free with modern green friendly LEDs forever?

Imagine then benefiting from an immediate extra discount of 15% off your home electricity?

Imagine saving money on your home day to day shopping everyday?

Imagine reducing your spend by up to 50% in over 7,000 restaurants country wide including this hotel?

Imagine getting up to 40% off cinema tickets?

Imagine having a single bill for all your essential services?

Imagine helping friends and family getting access to these deals and more.

Imagine no more.

The reality is here and over 610,000 customers already benefit.

To find out more, please visit this website?

This was delivered as a 60 seconds at Croydon networking group on Friday 26th May 2017

Utility Warehouse Annual Conference – exciting weekend

Almost 8,000 team members will gather for the annual conference in Telford this weekend (Saturday 22/3 and Sunday 23/3).
The annual gathering is called Express Day and this will be the 18th such event and largest so far.
Utility Warehouse continues to grow in leaps and bounds with the weekend full of announcements, enhancements/improvements to services and recognition.
This years’ keynote speaker is Eric Worre and is recognised as both a thought leader and teacher, helping people build their confidence in our industry.
Utility Warehouse offers a range of services second to none within the United Kingdom for both residential and business use. They are services everyone uses – people do not need to be taught how to turn on heating or electricity, use their phones or computers, and this is why the commission continues to grow month by month with low churn rates.
Add in high street and online shopping, and the business becomes the ultimate in cash generation and therefore commission.
Which? magazine has recognised the services as Best Buy and the latest issue will highlight that Ultra (super fast broadband) from Utility Warehouse is the latest Best Buy.
This makes the offering of services to new customers so attractive.
Brilliantly there is no stock to hold and training is provided at over 55 venues around the United Kingdom.
To find out more about this exciting and profitable business, please visit watch the short video and enter your details on screen to download a free money making report.
After the weekend, we will share all the great news from the annual conference.

I wonder ……

Do you know anyone that is hard working, motivated, got a couple of hours a week they can spare, and would like to earn a few hundred pounds a month, in their spare time? If you do, please ask them to get in touch with me ASAP?

What is your why?

When people set out on the road to business, it is often for the right reasons, but not clearly defined reasons.

In many cases people have been made redundant, found they have a pile of cash and thought ‘let’s buy a ready made business’ and as a result invest thousands of pounds. For some that could well be the right move. for others it may not.

What is correct though, is that you must have a real reason to make it happen.

Regretfully, too many times that is not the case.

When people join our business on a part time basis, one of the first things asked is Why?

Why are you joining?
Why do you want to invest time and effort?
What is your personal reason for making this decision?

To the extent that on the very first training course people attend time is set aside to think about this and write down thoughts and ideas.

Finding your why is the first step to success, and will become your self motivator, it is perhaps why our business is winning so many awards and growing at such a rate of knotts.

If you would like to find out why this business could be for you, please visit?

Future Biz and watch the three minute video – please also enter your details on the page and the system will send you further information.

It costs a fortune bringing up kids

Dear Parent,
My name is Laurence
I’m writing to share some good news…
It costs a fortune bringing up kids these days, doesn’t it? Toys, clothes,
computers, holidays – the list goes on and on… and it all adds up.
If, like me, you like saving money, you’ll be interested to know that I’ve discovered
how to get high-street stores to help pay my household bills!
From the weekly shop at Sainsbury’s to filling up the car; buying baby accessories
and clothing at Mothercare; toiletries at Boots; games at Argos and computers at
Comet – every time you shop at thousands of stores across the UK, you can save
money on your household bills!
Treat the family to a take-away from Domino’s, celebrate birthdays at TGI Friday’s
or take a hotel break… you spend and you save – it really is that simple.
You can also get your teenagers to help you save, while they learn how to handle
their pocket money, in a really safe and convenient way.
I’d be happy to tell you more. It’ll be easiest if I can explain the details in person
or over the phone, so if you’ve got a few minutes to spare, please call me on 020 8296 1846
I look forward to hearing from you – and saving you money!
Check it all out here:

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