Creating your new income stream

What we do in 10 easy points…

1. We promote essential utilities such as energy, internet and mobile and landline telephone services to both residential customers and small businesses in the UK.

2. Our customers save money, benefit from award winning customer service and get all their services on one accurate, convenient, easy-to-understand monthly bill.

3. You can register to become a Distributor for just £100, and when you gather three multi service customers in 90 days then you get your £100 back!

4. Professional training is provided free of charge online and at a training venue near you. The training system ensures your success.

5. The Utility Warehouse provides you with your own personalised website, which means that you can sign up customers and other team members online.

6. You will be provided with all the marketing materials and support you need to help you grow your business.

7. Once an application is processed by our Head Office, your customer can start saving money right away. It’s a seamless process.

8. Every time you register a customer, you get paid a Customer Gathering Bonus – up to £50 depending on how many services the customer takes. When you gather 100 customers, you will have earned up to £5,000 in Customer Gathering Bonus, and there is no limit on what you can earn each month in customer gathering bonuses.

9. Every month, when your residential customer pays their monthly bill, you will receive a percentage of their spend – on average 3.5% (that is £5 for every £150 spent). When you gather 100 customers, your monthly income will be around £500 per month, every single month. The more customers you gather, the higher your monthly income. Gathering business customers will earn you more, since they spend more.

10. You can also recruit other Distributors and build a team. When your team members gather customers, you will receive a percentage of their monthly bill too.

The question now is ‘how soon would you like to get started and become a business partner of one of the most successful companies in the UK?’

More information here:

Could you speak for 83 hours a month

and spend just £20 on your mobile phone and send 10,000 texts too?

Would you like access to 2Gb of data too for a further £2.50?

Launched yesterday (Tuesday 19 June 2012), these are scene stealing sim only deals:

Value 300= £7.50
300 minutes
1,000 texts
250Mb data bundle extra £2.50 per month

Value 600 = £10.00
600 minutes
2,000 texts
500Mb data bundle extra £2.50 per month

Value 900 = £15.00
900 minutes
5,000 texts
1Gb data bundle extra £2.50 per month

Value 5000 = £20.00
5000 minutes
10,000 texts
2Gb data bundle extra £2.50 per month

These are consumer deals* being offered by Utility Warehouse, so a monthly membership fee from £1.50 through to £3.50 per month will be levied with additional benefits. You should also ask about the CashBack card, which could make this deal completely free.

Handsets are also available for a small additional monthly charge, but where a new customer (member) takes four or more services, then a Smartphones becomes free – please call Laurence on 0795 789 0 757 for guidance and help.

Personal customers can sign up online here:

*The same deals are available for business users, but will have VAT charged in addition to the above figures.

How many income streams do you have?

Many years ago, when I worked for a living, as in employed, I would never have considered becoming what is often referred to as a Portfolio Marketer or Worker or having a Portfolio Career, whereby you have more than one source of income. I do now with 16 income streams at the last count.

Nowadays that is becoming more or more prevalant as people realise they are under employed due to lack of full time employment/business.

So what in your opinion is the ideal situation?

One full time job

One part time job, plus your own growing business

Multiple part time businesses

Be interested to read your views.

Al Gore does it again :o)

Al Gore does it again :o)

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