What can you buy for £50?

£50 joining fee available for a limited period from March 2014 until 30th April 2014.

Many years ago (1997), an investment of £199.75 (inc Vat) [& tax deductible = zero cost] secured my position with a company called Telecom plus Plc (often referred to as Utility Warehouse).

I had no idea what I was joining, but something felt right, just how right would be proved by 2006, when I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

At the time, I was hugely active within networking circles; attending events all over the place at every time of the day, running them too, but that all came to halt over a three month period as I succumbed to the pain and has to be said confusion that my body was impacting upon me in a negative way.

Many tests later diagnosis was made, and referral to a consultant followed – here I have so much praise. Reassurance, guidance, support and solutions to ensure my life could continue in a way I would be happy. Drugs were prescribed; some worked, some didn’t, and eventually a balance found that means I could return to contributing to my business and people within.

Strangely, it mirrored the support I have from Telecom plus too, where it has been superb down the years as the business grew and grew; people there were equally concerned, and many stood in and supported my team members during my enforced absence. Fantastic.

Now almost seven years later, I can look back and say thank you to the many, who gave me direct support both health and business wise during that period. It is a great feeling.

It is something I want to share with others too.

None of us know what the future holds, whether it is our livelihoods, our pensions, our health and even family matters?

The fact, I made a decision, which in hindsight appears very prescient, means I have no major worries today.

That investment of £199.75 has been paid back so many times over regardless of the fact it is tax deductible = zero cost.

Here’s the best part, for the month of August 2013, it is just £50 (inc Vat) [& tax deductible = zero cost] to follow in my foot steps and those of many others and create a new part time business, which will eventually grow into a substantial benefit to you and your family and friends.

Presently, the company is seeking people to join the business on a part time basis and enjoy the success that is available.

There are share options, car plans (two), holiday promotions, cash promotions and overall a 13 part pay plan.

The support provided to people joining the business is quite comprehensive and training too:

HO Support available six days a week
Training [free to attend] – online and classroom
Support Network [multiple]
Annual Conference – Express Day
Six Monthly conference – Kick Off Seminars
Second Six Monthly conference – Summer Seminars
Tele Seminars every week
Weekly Newsletter
HotNews Updates
Back Office access called Extranet
Monthly Business meetings and business presentations [called Cops and pre-cops (as needed)] – 50 locations
Mentors – direct support in your locale.

There are countrywide presentations, once a month at over 50 different locations and one is bound to be near you.

There are immediate financial rewards for personal activity (Fast Start Bonus), and some of these are as follows:

Gather Three Customers during your first 60 days = £100
Gather Six Customers during your first 90 days = £150
Gather Twenty-Five Customers during your first 180 days = £250
Gather Fifty Customers during your first 365 days = £500

These bonus payments are in addition to standard Customer Gathering Bonus of up to £50 per customer and ongoing commission on usage.

The personal development provided by the company is brilliant too, and improves each year.

And all this is available for an investment of £50 and regular 5 to 10 hours a week activity on your part.

A lot has been covered here, and there is more to see.

Why not pop along to this link: www.future-biz.co.uk and watch a short video? Also when you enter your details online, the system will send you a free money making report too. It is an excellent read.

So what can you buy for £50?

A couple of nice shirts or blouses
A decent meal
A full tank of petrol
A decent bottle of wine
Some lottery tickets

or how about the start of a new future that you can create on a part time basis being supported by a successful company?

Please take a look here: www.future-biz.co.uk it could be your prescient moment.

Available for a limited period from March 2014 until 30th April 2014.

Telecom plus Plc year end results

When I joined in Telecom plus 1997, I had no idea, where the decision would take me, and the latest results shows that decision was so justified in such a positive way.
Please read on:
Here’s the Telecom plus annual results, posted to the London Stock Exchange today (Wednesday 23 May 2012).
This will confirm the ongoing strength of the business and encourage others to join. There is no time to sit on the fence; this unstoppable train is moving with force. Doubters; GUPTRs and imitators are being swept aside.
For more information about the business opportunity please click here: Future-Biz
· Revenue up 12.6% to £471.5m (2011: £418.8m)
· Profit before tax up 11.8% to £30.7m (2011: £27.5m)
· EPS up 12.3% to 33.8p (2011: 30.1p)
· Full year dividend up 23% to 27p per share (2011: 22p)
· Strong cash generation, with a net inflow of £14.1m (2011: £15.6m outflow)
· Positive year end net cash balance of £0.9m (2011: net debt of £13.1m) after £6.6m purchase of freehold property in period
Operating Highlights:
· Further accelerating organic growth
· Number of services supplied up by 18% (2011: 12%) to 1,381,023
· Customer base now exceeds 415,000 (2011: 371,000)
· Continuing improvement in customer quality
· Doubling in proportion of new customers taking 4 + services
· Lower churn
Overall performance for the year has been extremely encouraging in a number of key respects:
· faster organic growth with service numbers up by 18.0% (2011: 12.1%)
· significant improvement in customer quality – lower churn – lower delinquency – increase in number of services taken
· strong cash generation
Charles Wigoder said:   “Our improvement in organic growth has been driven by continuing high levels of confidence amongst our distributors in our brand and financial strength, the good value provided by our services, and our commitment to delivering a consistently first class customer service experience.
We are also benefiting from the continuing difficult economic climate, which makes both our value-based customer proposition and part-time earning opportunity look increasingly attractive against the background of a broader economy where working hours are being cut, wages are being frozen, part-time jobs are less readily available and disposable incomes are under pressure.”

How flexible is your business?

One thing I have learnt in business over the past 25 years is that those companies who become stagnant and do not change with the times ultimately shrivel and die.

So how flexible is your approach to doing business?

Have you looked at Joint Ventures (JV)?

Have you diversified and added new income streams?

Do you market new products or services to your existing client base?

And do you constantly review the success or otherwise of such ventures?


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