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Authorised Distributor logoHere is what was published on the 14 August 2010.

Do you want more time?
Would you like more money?
Are you looking for an additional income?
Or, perhaps, to replace your existing job or business?

This call will give you all the information you need to decide whether this business is the right one for you.

This type of call has never been done before by the company.

Book your place today (limited numbers) and full details will be sent to you before the call.

Please send an email confirming your place today.

This call proved so popular on Sunday 17 August 2010 that the system prevented everyone from joining the call, so the company decided to add the content to a standalone number so more people can listen.


In this week’s conference call Jimmy Chapman (SMD) and Gary Whittaker (MD) discuss the business opportunity, and, more specifically, what it means for somebody who has yet to join.

Among other things they discuss:

•What makes the Utility Warehouse so special
•The single bill, money saving utility services and the power of the CashBack card
•Why now is the right time for this business opportunity
•The comprehensive online and classroom training
•The Martini presentation.

Because this is such an effective recording we’ve also decided to make it available for your prospects to listen to. Simply ask them to call 020 8955 5689 and they can hear the conference call in full.

Once you have listened, please contact Laurence to discuss the next step.

Business Startup – Olympia 26 & 27 November

Day one completed, day two about to start.

Good to see lots of friends and make new contacts too.

The attendees were a fair old mix:

New startups
Existing businesses looking to expand
People seeking ideas and inspiration

All in all a good day, and Friday will be even busier.

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