Growing new income streams

Down the years, many have joined a company and thought: ‘that is me set for life.’

Unfortunately this is no longer true. A job for life no longer exists alongside final pension plans. All consigned to history.

It has meant there has been a change of emphasis, when planning how your life will pan out.

The biggest issue is creating a growing income. Some sectors have not seen a pay rise in over four years, whilst others have seen such minimal rise that are not worth writing about.

Last night, I was speaking to a young lady who has been rewarded with a pay rise of 13p per hour before tax. Her part time job (22 hours) now pays an extra £2.86 per week before tax. Not even enough for a coffee in one of the tax dodging outlets on our High Street.

How can a person be expected to create a future with income like that?

Presently this young lady is around £200 per month short of income, and struggling to find a job that pays more, since employers feel she does not have the qualifications or experience.

I have offered to work with her and help improve the future prospects through support and training, and together we have established a route for the creation of extra monthly income based on part time activity (usually five to ten hours a week), which will continue to grow and grow. There is no cap on earnings.

This excites me, since it shows that multiple income streams is a positive way forward for a person, who previously may not have thought they had a way out of simply surviving.

For some of you, this will be true too, and if this rings a bell, then could I suggest checking out this link: Your route to new income streams there are three boxes to complete and an information pack will be sent to you immediately.

Through this company, I will be helping her become financially free and independent of outside concerns.

Some of her short term goals include:
Having a horse again, so she can go riding.
Having a life, rather than simply surviving.
Create enough income to open an animal sanctuary.
Affording a season ticket at rugby.

These are all attainable goals, and will be her motivation for success.

What goals do you have?

There is clear water ahead as we work together to create a new growing income.




Just Twenty Eight Days Remain – Don’t Miss Out

February 2015

“It’s nearly impossible to get by on only
one pay cheque a month.
What are you doing for your
second pay cheque each month?”


Creating multiple income streams for a self employed business owner is a must have ………… and soon.

Even better if those extra ones are passive income streams.
[Passive means doing the work once and getting paid again and again]

Further, if you are employed, you too, can create extra income on a part time basis. Find five hours a week and you can be shown how to build an income on a part time basis.

The UK’s number one business in the sector has a low start up fee, and for a short period, it is just £50** instead of the usual £100.

To find out more, why not pay a visit here:

We can discuss the business over the phone and answer any questions arising – the website provided includes three little boxes to complete and I will give you a call.
[please enter your name, email address and phone number]

**Offer expires, 11:59pm on Saturday 28th February 2015.


“It’s nearly impossible to get by on only
one pay cheque a month.
What are you doing for your
second pay cheque each month?”

Rise and Rise of Zero Hours Contracts

Updated details here:

Are these contracts positive or negative in your view?

I am aware the Government proposes changes to present legislation to enable those on these contracts can take second or third jobs to ensure they earn some money.

Some already let people take extra work alongside, but not all.

Some additional points.

People on zero hours contracts, do not earn any money, unless called in to work.

As a result, a vast majority have to top up any pay with benefits already.

Also very few are earning sufficient to create any meaningful pension contributions.

Plus most, but not all, prevent people from taking a second job, to earn money.

So when they hear in the moring there is no work available that day – they are stuck.

The impact of zero hours contracts, means tax revenues are lower than expected, hence why the treasury has had to borrow extra money this year.

Corporate Social Responsibility – fund raising ideas

Corporate Social Responsibility

A term coined some 40 years ago, and has had a direct positive impact on many. A WiKi link appears at the foot of the article and covers both legal and social issues.

Plenty of larger organisations set up a charitable arm or foundation to deliver support and funding for the less well off. Others prefer a straight donation to their charity often selected by staff. One of the companies we work with has seen the team members select Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer UK as their recipients this year, and will see £200,000 raised for each. Last year, Make a Wish were beneficiaries.

However, one or two businesses are now recognising that giving can be provided, whilst spending, or even saving. It becomes a win – win for everyone concerned.

The challenge faced is how to make it seamless, but rewarding at the same time.

Combyne Group support in two ways:

Firstly, we work with and support a local company that provides retraining for those out of work, or who have personal issues, and help them rebuild their confidence, and then assist with securing interviews for jobs, whilst at the same time being paid for work within a customer service centre.

It works, and works really well, since the businesses using the customer service centre, also then fulfil some of their CSR responsibilities too.

Secondly, we help charities and good causes, often those who have not-for-profit status raise funds by helping their supporters reduce their outgoings. Then sharing the commission with the good cause.

Again a win – win; the supporters get a great deal and the organisation receives a growing source of new income each month.

Presently over 2,000 organisations raise funds this way across the country.

The latest is Mu Lung Wushu Ghoon (Wooden Dragon martial arts classes).

They like many others are struggling to raise money from the usual sources, and they realised they had to take action and raise funds themselves.
Mu Lung Wushu Ghoon have registered to raise funds through the brilliant Community Fund Raiser Scheme and promote a range of award-winning services, used both by residential and business customers in the UK.
So perhaps you would like to help this good cause by taking some of the services offered here and they will then be rewarded with a slice of commission.

If you would like advice on the range of services, then a call to 0800 131 3000 and quote appeal number J27710 will be the best way forward.

Typically, 100 people supporting Mu Lung Wushu Ghoon via the above link or any other organisation will create ongoing income of £500 per month. For Mu Lung Wushu Ghoon such income will be a life saver, since presently they are unable to afford to increase the number or range of classes run and this will change their whole outlook.

Alternatively, you might run a good cause and like to benefit from this scheme?

If so, a quick message to Laurence and I can arrange a PDF, which will explain more.

Here’s the WiKi, mentioned above.

Are you looking for a job?

(with thanks to Mark Anastasi for sharing)

You might want to reconsider after reading this…

8 Shocking Facts, Quotes, & Stats about the Job Market.

#1:  A SHOCKING three-quarters of the world’s adults do NOT have a full-time job.

According to Gallup’s new “Payroll to Population” metric, only 27% of the world’s adults were employed full time for an employer in 2011 (the 2012 figure is likely to be lower and 2013 similar)

#2: The True US Unemployment Rate is 23.6% (36.7m Americans are Unemployed)

According to CNN, there are 86 Million “Invisible” Unemployed in America.

According to John Williams, an economist who runs, the true number of people currently out of work is at 23.6%. That’s a whopping 36.7 million Americans.

Whilst in the United Kingdom the figure is estimated to be 6.5 million, equating to 19.1%, which is more than double the claimed 2.52 million.

#3: “The middle class is dead. Most jobs that existed 20 years ago aren’t needed now…”

James Altucher wrote recently: “The middle class is dead. A few weeks ago I visited a friend of mine who manages a trillion dollars for one family. No joke. A trillion.

He said: “Look out the window. All the cubicles are empty. The middle class is being hollowed out. […] It’s all outsourced or technology has taken over for the paper shufflers.”

“You’ve been replaced. Technology, outsourcing, a growing temp staffing industry, productivity efficiencies, have all replaced the middle class.

Most jobs that existed 20 years ago aren’t needed now.”

#4: Technology and the Web are destroying far more jobs than they create.

“Over the past 15 years, the global economy has experienced structural changes to a degree not seen in nearly 150 years.

Put simply, the Industrial Revolution of the 1800s has given way to a post-industrial economy.

In this post-industrial economy, technology has now evolved to the point where it destroys more jobs than it creates.”


#5: We are returning to Depression Era unemployment

Between 1929 and 1933, U.S. GDP fell around 30%, and the stock market lost almost 90% of its value.

In 1929, the unemployment rate averaged 3%. In 1933, 25% of all workers and 37% of all non-farm workers were unemployed.

#6: “The job-for-life generation told us that if we worked hard we’d end up with a great retirement.”

“If we stuck at that soul-sapping job, when we were 60 we could live fabulously, travel and have a whale of a time (assuming you make it that far).

Wait a minute… would those be with those same retirement plans that went down the tube in the crash of 2008? Where thousands upon thousands of regular people who had worked their whole life for the dream at the end were left stranded?”

That career-cage deal isn’t looking so hot now.” ―  Marianne Cantwell, ‘How To Become a Free-Range Human’

#7: “Workers over 50 are the new ‘unemployables'”

#8: “Young people in bankrupt western nations […] society is going to force-feed you a rubbish sandwich. Higher taxes, more debt, fewer prospects, and a much lower standard of living await you.”

“University graduates are forced into lowly jobs such as cleaning lavatories. Youth unemployment in the Euro area stood at 22.6% in July. In Spain it rose to 52.9%.” ― Source: The Evening Standard, 20 September 2012

So, what is the solution? –> Think like an entrepreneur. Add more value.

Simon Black says: “The average Korean works 1,000 hours per year more than the average German. Here in Thailand, people who don’t have a job simply create one for themselves– selling fruit on the streets, fixing flat tires, whatever they can do to trade their skills and labor for income.”

Finally, I want to leave you with this quote from Robert Kiyosaki’s book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’…

“Most people work very hard, for little money, clinging to the illusion of job security, looking forward to 3-week vacation each year and a skimpy pension after 45 years of work.

If that excites you, go for it. […] Most people never see the trap they are in. Every morning, they get up, they get ready, and hurry out to work. Do they look happy to you?

Why do they do it? Because everybody else is. […] Every day they wake up with this fear gnawing at their soul. They rush off to work, hoping that a pay cheque will kill the fear.

Money is running their lives, and they refuse to tell the truth about it…”

So if you recognise this and are based in the United Kingdom, it is worth exploring this business and creating your own future and control your cheque:

Exciting Annual Conference

Over the last weekend, Utility Warehouse (16 and 17 March 2013), hosted its annual conference called Express Day – more than 5,500 attended in Telford.

Lots of recognition, announcements, awards and a key note speaker, sorry speakers, Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz, who have co-written Go for No. Awesome presentation, and their principle is something I was taught many years ago.

The company itself has launched a number of initiatives for team members to make their life simpler to grow their customer numbers and teams.

Have also introduced a number of enhancements to services and reduced the price of same too (apply to existing customers as well), when many of the other suppliers have increased prices.

It is now possible for business customers to sign up online – previously only residential.

Also both within the business club and residential club there are no upfront charges for new mobile handsets making it even easier to offer mobile phone deals to new and existing club members and customers.

Further information can be found here for the services: and here for how the business works:

How many income streams do you have?

Many years ago, when I worked for a living, as in employed, I would never have considered becoming what is often referred to as a Portfolio Marketer or Worker or having a Portfolio Career, whereby you have more than one source of income. I do now with 16 income streams at the last count.

Nowadays that is becoming more or more prevalant as people realise they are under employed due to lack of full time employment/business.

So what in your opinion is the ideal situation?

One full time job

One part time job, plus your own growing business

Multiple part time businesses

Be interested to read your views.

Utility Warehouse delivers again and again – CashBack winners

The Utility Warehouse has delivered one of the most exciting partners into the CashBack card scheme this week.

Marks and Sparks joins the ranks alongside, Sainsbury’s plus another 34 companies from the high street and beyond, and further, 1700 stores online provide additional evidence of this undoubted success.

Previously it was estimated a typical family would achieve an extra £360 of savings each year simply by spending as they usually do – that has got to increase with the latest partners, which also includes Toys R Us and Pizza Express.

Not content with award winning services, the company now provides award winning partners too.

Simply great.

To find out more about the benefits of the CashBack card, please visit and Click Top Right Hand Side – CashBack card.

Also, who do you know who would be interested in creating an extra income stream to supplement their present earnings, and could simply find three other people who would like to benefit from the massive extra savings delivered through the CashBack card? More details on this can be found here:

Simply brilliant.

The CashBack card can be issued both to home and business users (great way to control petty cash), and the CashBack is credited to your bill with Utility Warehouse, which provides a range of services, including gas, electricity, mobile phones (& airtime – great tariffs), landline, broadband, mobile broadband, internet phone line and non geographic numbers (0800, 0844, 0845 and 0871), also line installs from £69.99 – please ask for full details.


PS If the CashBack exceeds your monthly bill with Utility Warehouse, then don’t worry, the extra will be credited straight to your bank account.

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