Small Biz Offer

Small Business Pack for
Start Ups and Growing Businesses

One of the issues faced by many businesses is how to control costs in start up and growth mode with many not giving that any consideration whatsoever. Further many will start up from home using their personal land line and mobile, great in principle, but rather frowned upon by HMRC who are beginning to clamp down on such activity.

In addition, advertising is often an after thought and vitally how to measure the success of adverts placed.

So taking that into account, the following package has been developed.

1) New Business land line install with High Speed Broadband with a bundled package of calls to both land lines and mobiles.

2) Provision of a Non Geographic number(s)* with the option of transferring at minimal cost to a mobile number.
(*Non Geographic numbers include: 0800, 0844, 0845 and 0871)

Or provision of virtual geographic number.

3) Review of mobile spend with suggested alternatives

4) On the go, personal Wi Fi hotspot – connect up to five devices

5) Personal account manager with ongoing review and support of services

6) Further where the person is home based a complete audit of home services to deliver the best value solution.

Flexibility is the order of the day in the present market and all recommendations will be based on future expansion and very importantly without the need for long term contracts, however, where a customer is prepared to take a 24 month deal, further discounts will be available.

A total win-win.

To find out more please either email or call 0795 789 0 757

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