Deconstructing the hype on Super Typhoon Haiyan – Yolanda

A terrible typhoon, but it seems a little over hyped, please read on and judge for yourself.

Whatever the answer, our thoughts remain with those affected, and yes we have made a donation, as we did for the Boxing Day Tsunami.

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Paul Homewood

With special thanks to John Fuller and Agar012 (and Dr. Ryan Maue for review)

Now we have had a few days to reflect on the terrible events of last week, we can start to piece together some of the facts.

First of all, as it is the thing that really matters above all, fatalities. The good news, if it can be termed that, is that the death toll is likely to be around 2000 to 2500, according to the Philippine President. This is much less than the 10,000 originally feared to have died.

As far as the storm itself was concerned, the official statistics from the Philippine Met Agency, PAGASA, remain the same as those issued at the time. The table below compares these with the original satellite estimates put out by the Joint Typhoon Warning Centre, JTWC, and that were subsequently used by…

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