O2 closes call centres

An announcement that appeared in the Daily Telegraph this week shows the pressure the main mobile networks are under financially as they go the outsourcing route again to India and South Africa.

Unfortunately, it is simply the user that will suffer in the long run as call waiting times increase.

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The article also says:

Meanwhile, a Capita call centre in Cape Town that already handles a small proportion of O2 customer service will be expanded from 200 staff currently to 660 in 2015. A Capita centre in India offering support via web chat will also be expanded as part of plans to discourage customer calls, known as “contact deflection”.

Overall, it is planned that the staff of more than 5,800 worldwide currently serving O2 customers will be cut to fewer than 3,000 at the end of Capita’s contract in 10 years.

That is quite a frightening cut back in service levels.

Whereas Telecom Plus here in the UK is more than doubling is HO footprint and customer care staff to cope with ever more increasing demand for its range of award winning services.

This growth is reflected in the record share price delivered this past week as The City continues to sound its approval. http://www.sharesmagazine.co.uk/news/telecom-plus-both-weird-and-wonderful

The range of services on offer to both the business user and home user continues to deliver value for money. More here: www.go-fast.co.uk

A further comment can be found here on the impact of the year end results:



Could you speak for 83 hours a month

and spend just £20 on your mobile phone and send 10,000 texts too?

Would you like access to 2Gb of data too for a further £2.50?

Launched yesterday (Tuesday 19 June 2012), these are scene stealing sim only deals:

Value 300= £7.50
300 minutes
1,000 texts
250Mb data bundle extra £2.50 per month

Value 600 = £10.00
600 minutes
2,000 texts
500Mb data bundle extra £2.50 per month

Value 900 = £15.00
900 minutes
5,000 texts
1Gb data bundle extra £2.50 per month

Value 5000 = £20.00
5000 minutes
10,000 texts
2Gb data bundle extra £2.50 per month

These are consumer deals* being offered by Utility Warehouse, so a monthly membership fee from £1.50 through to £3.50 per month will be levied with additional benefits. You should also ask about the CashBack card, which could make this deal completely free.

Handsets are also available for a small additional monthly charge, but where a new customer (member) takes four or more services, then a Smartphones becomes free – please call Laurence on 0795 789 0 757 for guidance and help.

Personal customers can sign up online here: http://www.go-fast.co.uk

*The same deals are available for business users, but will have VAT charged in addition to the above figures.

Free Utility and Telephony Audit

Family pips are squeaked

An example of how families are suffering

UPDATE: Wednesday 18 October 2017. It is interesting that this remains as popular today as it did, when first used back in 2001.  What is extraordinary is that people at home are suffering financially as much in 2001 and 2011 as in 2017.                                                                An interesting statistic today (18/10/17): ‘There are 4.1 million people in financial distress’ also 5 million people and families would struggle with a £50 per month increase in their mortgage or rent.  The offer of a Free Utility and Telephony Audit has been a mainstay of Combyne Group now for over sixteen years and with family budgets being ever more squeezed as evidenced by the this article in 2011, now is the time to make decisions that will ease the pain.

Sitting down with a set of personal or business bills, has always delivered the right results for clients. We have the confidence to say, this is the best way forward or you already have a great deal, so stay where you are.

The starting point though is seeing a full set of 12 months bills, understanding the trends, the usage levels, plus taking on board changes in the future and then giving clear advice.

We can look at the following services, and provide alternatives, which are award winning:

Mobile Phones
Electricity – we can now offer two year fixed rate deals (expires in 2019)
Free LED light bulbs for life for home users, installed free.
Non Geographic numbers

We explain, we handhold and we support on an ongoing basis.

When we first published this article average savings were in the range of £200 to £400 per annum for a home user, now with added benefits it is often in the £600 to £800 range. It all depends on personal circumstances and will be clearly and accurately explained, when discussed.

Email to info@combyne.co.uk  call to 0844 826 1730 or fax to 0871 900 1129.

Got a QR Code? Here’s Combyne’s one:

Combyne QR Code

It seems Smartphones use them and could be a marketers dream tool.

So are you using them?

And how?

Please let me know?

More information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QR_Code

Update at 10:30pm, Thursday 27/1/11

There has been quite a discussion over at Ecademy.

try here:  http://www.ecademy.com/node.php?id=159975

Vat, Duty and price rises ……

The impact of VAT and Duty rise early in January 2011 on fuel has been well documented, but a side effect is increased delivery costs on every product, which must have seen those rise too.

Surely (and I am no economist), that will see a rise in inflation too, as these increased costs filter through to the everyday budget for families up and down the country?

In fact there has been the suggestion that some companies are using these increased costs as a way of hiding price rises, and bizarely mobile phone companies have piled on the pressure too as charges for data increases. T Mobile being the latest reducing  their all Gigabyte inclusive and replacing it with a lower figure in the 500 Mb range.

3, O2 and Vodafone did the same too, and for 3 Network out of allowance calls have been increased as well.

Amazingly, Networks have found a way of increasing charges on fixed term contracts too. Whatever next?

Utility Warehouse has introduced some new brilliant personal sim only deals, and this is covered in more detail here: http://wp.me/pae1W-35 and you may retain your number by obtaining what is called a PAC (Port Authorisation Code) number.

There is further bad news on the horizon with National Insurance and Duty Rises planned for April 2011.

This will fuel the inflationary tendency.

In fact looking around the high streets of London these last few days, suggests that many more businesses have given up the ghost by closing their shops following the Christmas period. Could we be heading for another major decline in trading centres across the country?

It is quite fearful.

New Mobile Phone tariffs – the real deal ….

New Mobile DealsNo, I am not writing about Mr. Dickenson’s TV Programme of the same name, but highlighting yet again Utility Warehouse have come up with a stunning range of mobile phone tariffs, which went live this week.

How do these SIM only deals grab you for personal users?

Value 500 Sim only
500 minutes and unlimited texts
£10 per month including Vat


Value 800 Sim only
800 minutes and unlimited texts
£15 per month including Vat


Value Max Sim only
Unlimited minutes and unlimited texts
£20 per month including Vat

Who do you know who would like such a deal or for that matter, many?

You can sign up here: http://www.go-fast.co.uk/ and click on Mobile and Value Tariff. A word of warning, signups through the website will attract a £50 deposit, so to avoid that, please contact me direct and arrange for one to be done on paper.

The mobile deals mentioned above are also available to business users, on slightly different tariffs, and all users can also add data bundles too. And for slightly more per month could also have a brand new handset as well.

This is just one of many great deals on offer to residential and business customers, since the company also provide electricity, gas, mobile broadband, broadband, plus the fantastic CashBack card and lots, lots more.

How good is your mobile phone signal?

From time to time, I get asked to provide solutions over and above the standard, and here is one case that arose in November 2010.

The client lived on the wrong side of the hill for a good T Mobile signal, I was confident the new mobile would deliver when out and about, but at the home office, not so sure. I took a gamble with a money back guarantee in place – the client loved the phone, however, the signal issue remained.

I did some research and came up with a cost effective solution, and here is what the client said:

Thank you so much for the information you provided about mobile phone signal boosters. I know it is outside your remit as my provider but, as ever, you went the extra mile.

I purchased the £19.95 + VAT + P&P model as it seemed worth a go. I did actually speak to someone at the company who advised that if it didn’t work they do offer a refund although I didn’t see it in writing anywhere. He did ask that I had at least some reception just outside the house, which I do. It arrived promptly. There were no instructions! Then I realised it was so simple that even I could screw the two parts together without guidance!! I plugged the phone in and the signal dropped off completely. My heart sank. But only moments later it seems to kick in and the signal picked up again. I tried calling someone. It worked. My life, or my phone bills at any rate, could be transformed.

Now, just to be clear. It has NOT suddenly given me 4 bars on the reception indicator where I used to have only one. What it has done is, even when I have only one bar displaying, is allow me to make a call, hear and be heard which is quite a revelation for me, as you know. Previously, even with 50% reception strength displaying, any call typically had so much interference that neither party could hear one another. The signal booster is not foolproof and does occasionally drop a call (as you heard this morning). It also means you have to have the mobile attached within a small clip attached to a wire (3 metres long) which then attaches to an aeriel ‘thingy’ on the window but who cares, I can hear people again. Overall improvement in service is significant and well worth the £23.94 all in. Certainly cheaper than moving house.

So another satisfied client ………. would you like a provider that goes more than the extra mile? Then please call to find out more 0844 826 1730

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