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UK flooding, Met Office, and all that – a map from 878AD tells us more than Slingo

“In November 2913, the Met Office said there was a “slight signal for below-average precipitation” for December, January and February.”

So how does that marry up with the above average rain seen across parts of the UK?

Watts Up With That?

bridgwater_somerset_UK There’s quite a hullabaloo in the UK as the Met Office tries to link recent flooding in Bridgwater , Somerset with global warming, with Lord Lawson even calling Met Office Julia Slingo’s claims “absurd” . Josh even has a cartoon at Bishop Hill about it.

But, even more instructive than the row is this historic map that shows flooding would likely be a normal occurrence in Bridgwater in the county of Somerset, UK, located on this map at right.

Now look at this map from 878AD. “Swamp or Alluvium” anyone? The arrow notation is mine.

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