How many income streams do you have?

Many years ago, when I worked for a living, as in employed, I would never have considered becoming what is often referred to as a Portfolio Marketer or Worker or having a Portfolio Career, whereby you have more than one source of income. I do now with 16 income streams at the last count.

Nowadays that is becoming more or more prevalant as people realise they are under employed due to lack of full time employment/business.

So what in your opinion is the ideal situation?

One full time job

One part time job, plus your own growing business

Multiple part time businesses

Be interested to read your views.

How good is your mobile phone signal?

From time to time, I get asked to provide solutions over and above the standard, and here is one case that arose in November 2010.

The client lived on the wrong side of the hill for a good T Mobile signal, I was confident the new mobile would deliver when out and about, but at the home office, not so sure. I took a gamble with a money back guarantee in place – the client loved the phone, however, the signal issue remained.

I did some research and came up with a cost effective solution, and here is what the client said:

Thank you so much for the information you provided about mobile phone signal boosters. I know it is outside your remit as my provider but, as ever, you went the extra mile.

I purchased the £19.95 + VAT + P&P model as it seemed worth a go. I did actually speak to someone at the company who advised that if it didn’t work they do offer a refund although I didn’t see it in writing anywhere. He did ask that I had at least some reception just outside the house, which I do. It arrived promptly. There were no instructions! Then I realised it was so simple that even I could screw the two parts together without guidance!! I plugged the phone in and the signal dropped off completely. My heart sank. But only moments later it seems to kick in and the signal picked up again. I tried calling someone. It worked. My life, or my phone bills at any rate, could be transformed.

Now, just to be clear. It has NOT suddenly given me 4 bars on the reception indicator where I used to have only one. What it has done is, even when I have only one bar displaying, is allow me to make a call, hear and be heard which is quite a revelation for me, as you know. Previously, even with 50% reception strength displaying, any call typically had so much interference that neither party could hear one another. The signal booster is not foolproof and does occasionally drop a call (as you heard this morning). It also means you have to have the mobile attached within a small clip attached to a wire (3 metres long) which then attaches to an aeriel ‘thingy’ on the window but who cares, I can hear people again. Overall improvement in service is significant and well worth the £23.94 all in. Certainly cheaper than moving house.

So another satisfied client ………. would you like a provider that goes more than the extra mile? Then please call to find out more 0844 826 1730

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