Business Startup – Olympia 26 & 27 November

Day one completed, day two about to start.

Good to see lots of friends and make new contacts too.

The attendees were a fair old mix:

New startups
Existing businesses looking to expand
People seeking ideas and inspiration

All in all a good day, and Friday will be even busier.

Website here:


Joint Venturing adds income

Succeeding in business is about staying ahead of the competition, and one of the easiest ways to do that is by partnering with a non-competing company to add value to your own core offering.

On many occasions, business poeople have recognised that making sales to existing clients is six times easier than gathering new customers, and in this current economic climate that makes total sense.

With full training and ongoing support Utility Warehouse delivers additional income to UK businesses and charities year in, year out.

The video describing the business has recently been updated to reflect the many strides taken over the last few months.

Please take a look here:

And there is a PDF to download too.

Questions? These can be answered over the phone (please click contact us in the menu), by email or face to face – you choose.

What is known is this business delivers; why not for you?


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