NABO Networking Croydon – Successful launch

On Friday 3 June, over 20 business people gathered at The Hilton in Croydon for the launch of NABO Networking; the latest group to open in the United Kingdom.

2 hours later, 15 of the attendees had joined and became inaugural members of Croydon.

With the accent on education for business and the building of relationships, a professional and yet atmosphere pervailed.

The low membership fee allied with the excellent breakfast will enable this group to thrive with the target of 20 members by the end of July looking is very achievable. Annual membership is £200 + Vat (first time visitors receive a 50% discount) and the meeting fee is £15.

The next meeting will take place on the 17 June at the same venue commencing at 7:30am – plenty of car parking on site.

Details can be found here:

Further information can be obtained from Laurence on 0844 826 1730

NABO Networking Launches in Croydon

NABO Networking launches in Croydon on Friday 
3 June 2011 at 7:30am.                                

The key to the success of NABO Networking is the balance between cost effective, value for money networking and the provision of ongoing business support through education for the business owner.

No one stands still in business, and one of the keys to business success is learning from people who have knowledge and experience and more importantly demonstrate how to use that knowledge in business.

NABO Networking will be providing over 20 hours of education each year, which you can access as a member, and will be provided via NABO Networking TV. No other networking organisation offers similar.

Education will in fact form a pivotal role within each networking meeting; with time set aside to help businesses improve their knowledge and skills. Education is not a one time learning opportunity but an ongoing need for development.

For example, you’ll share ideas on using social media, pricing policies, the best marketing automation software, sources of new leads, website ideas and so on.

Each two hour meeting is structured so that you get the best group experience, plus one on one talking time, too. A supportive, mentoring environment like this is a hot bed of ideas and inspiration.

A typical meeting will run as follows:

Open Networking
Welcome by Group Director
Breakfast and commence 45 second presentations
Open Networking
Q & A session based on NABO Networking TV
1 -2 -1 meetings
Hot Seat

You will notice a second Open Networking slot, since often people will hear something of interest over the 45 second presentations, and then with traditional groups the meeting moves on the moment is lost – with this structure, follow up is almost immediate.

There will be a sales literature table and attendees are encouraged to bring material with them for display – we want you to promote you business and to do business.

Membership fees are two tiered:

Join on your first visit – £99 + Vat
Join on a subsequent visit during the 90 days after your first visit and pay £149 + Vat

Renewals will be charged at the same rate that you joined under. So people joining for £99 will renew at £99, and likewise join at £149 and renew at £149.

Meeting fees will be set typically at £15 per breakfast, £25 for lunch and £15 for evening groups. Each group will have a separate membership fee, and it is planned to run a breakfast and lunch time in Croydon on alternate weeks, so your commitment will be two meetings a month. Lunches will not launch until the autumn.

Further for those that wish to take their business to a higher level, a MasterMind group will be launched in Croydon, meeting once a month for 12 months. These will be confidential meetings, and a serious commitment will be needed. They are not for every business and become very driven goals orientated gatherings, and are a great way of learning together.

In addition, NABO Networking members will have access to seminars and events run by NABO with preferential treatment, plus for the really focused, there are Private Client Groups with annual meeting fees in excess of £10,000 per annum.

There is a level of commitment that suits your business, and you will be supported throughout.

Once you become member, you will be entitled to visit any group throughout the country, 16 launch in May, and plans are in place (Group Directors have signed) for 40 by the middle of the summer. Also NABO has 44,000 members of its own and there will be a forum for the Croydon Group to interact through online, plus a national one too.

In conclusion, NABO Networking offers:

A fresh approach backed by a young and active team of successful business people
Value for money with renewals set at the same level of joining
Ongoing education, development and support
An organisation, which is not afraid to embrace new technology, but retain what works
A meeting structure that is educational as well as business orientated

Further it is expected that additional marketing for the group through the provision of video will be produced for each member to promote their business, at a discounted rate, plus delivering through a Virtual Assistant direct support to the group at a local level.

There are a number of strategic alliances in place to raise the profile of NABO Networking in the immediate area and nationally.

NABO Networking will launch in Croydon, late May to early June, plus a stand has been booked at We Mean Business on the 3 November held at the Fairfield Halls in Croydon, where members of the group will be able to raie their profile to a wider audience.

For further information and to indicate you interest, please email

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