Snow stops Pay

That could be quite troubling for many, but that is exactly what is happening up and down the country.

Employees who have been unable to get to work, have been told to take the day as holiday, and if their entitlement has been used up, as unpaid leave.

For many that could be the difference between paying all the bills or falling into debt.

If as weather reports suggest, there will be further low temperatures and snow until the New Year, then quite a number of people will be seriously out of pocket.

Human Resources experts have confirmed that businesses are entitled to do this under present laws and contracts of employment, but will such decisions foster good feelings between employees and employers?

For many businesses outside the retail and industrial sectors, working from home could be the way forward when weather is poor. It could be a win – win situation.

But how about adding value to a business by offering extra non-competing services, which could be marketed by home based employees, albeit whether they are permanently home based or just so due to the weather.

Could this be the way for a business to survive the bad times, and rebuild for the future? Or perhaps simply a way for a business to create new income streams to enable expansion. One of the businesses, I work with have such a scheme in place creating a valuable partnership for the future, offering a range of services, which are non-competing, but delivering extra cash flow.

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