Topping up your knowledge with Alex Jeffreys

Here on the second day of the Marketing with Alex near Heathrow Airport.

More good information and reinforcement of ideas previously learnt. Alex is a good speaker albeit hung over from a late night with his Inner Circle.

There is a gentle buzz in the room.

Alex has a number of his clients here, plus all his staff from the office in Wales.

Is this what the beginning of glaciation looks like?

interesting supposition here

interesting supposition here

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How do you describe and determine your ideal client?

This is a vital question in my view, when determining your goals.

Part of any business plan, a marketing plan must be created, and within should be an ideal client description.


Quite simply, if you do not know your ideal client and where they are found, how can you market your business to attract them.

On LinkedIn, there has been quite debate about business failure, and everyone has misunderstood that the basic business building block has been ignored.

So, how do you describe and determine your ideal client?

What factors should you include in such a description?

This will be an interesting debate, since, I am presently in the process of creating new ones for my business.

Ideal Client?

It is a question that comes  up again and again ………

Should this be fixed, or flexible depending on the financial climate?

Or perhaps you seek a niche and stick with that, come what may?

Decisions, decisions.

So what has been decided is that there will be a number of different scenarios; all created as A4 documents, maybe a PDF. These will be available for download soon to satisfy a demand, I am not convinced is there – we shall see.

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