Financial Times names Telecom plus – Company of the Year

At its recent awards night, the Financial Times named Telecom plus Plc the Company of the Year.

This is simply great news in somewhat troubling times globally to see a FTSE 250 company double revenue and deliver on services to customers across the UK.

Predicted growth suggests a further doubling of customers and revenue in the next two years, with the Distributors income growing in line with company fortunes.

Details of the part or full time business opportunity can be found here:

and if you would like to find out the views of French and Saunders, please watch their video here:

FIVE STAR rating for Telecom plus

Which? Magazine for April 2009, sees the company awarded five out of five stars across the board for supply of Gas and Electricity.

Simply great.

More great news for Telecomplus

Not content with being top of the polls in October 2008 for gas and electricity, Which? magazine readers, made the services for combined broadband and phone the Best Buy rating in February 2009.

Then this month (April 2009), top of the polls again with an across the board FIVE STAR rating for gas and electricity.


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