Riots: Is it a question of hope or self motivation?

The last few days have seen the streets up and down England, fill with people looting and causing mayhem.

Many commentators have suggested it is down to the Tory cuts, but they have not really taken hold yet, so that is a bit of a red herring.

How about lack of hope?

What is hope? A belief for a better future, perhaps? Dreams and aspirations? A support structure through the family and community? Self motivation?

I feel that hope is an emotion, that is nurtured through the family and community; it is not necessarily financially based, but better opportunities do come within that.

I am sure that many youngsters and adults, who took to the streets felt disaffected, and took what they fancied by looting through a pack instinct and thus driven by a desire for material things, and that is a sorry reflection on society. Has that desire been caused by outside influences such as pop stars? The idea that material worth is good, although it fits with a capitalist society, misses the point of earning that material worth.

It is success through dreams and achievement, which appears to be lacking.

Is that caused by a shift in education, where it appears no-one can fail, they just succeed at a lower level.

Has society created a take attitude, rather than earn it through hard work and success?

If that is the case, then we have a lost generation, and the country will remain in the financial mire for many months or years to come.

How do you suggest we change attitudes for the better?

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