Growing new income streams

Down the years, many have joined a company and thought: ‘that is me set for life.’

Unfortunately this is no longer true. A job for life no longer exists alongside final pension plans. All consigned to history.

It has meant there has been a change of emphasis, when planning how your life will pan out.

The biggest issue is creating a growing income. Some sectors have not seen a pay rise in over four years, whilst others have seen such minimal rise that are not worth writing about.

Last night, I was speaking to a young lady who has been rewarded with a pay rise of 13p per hour before tax. Her part time job (22 hours) now pays an extra £2.86 per week before tax. Not even enough for a coffee in one of the tax dodging outlets on our High Street.

How can a person be expected to create a future with income like that?

Presently this young lady is around £200 per month short of income, and struggling to find a job that pays more, since employers feel she does not have the qualifications or experience.

I have offered to work with her and help improve the future prospects through support and training, and together we have established a route for the creation of extra monthly income based on part time activity (usually five to ten hours a week), which will continue to grow and grow. There is no cap on earnings.

This excites me, since it shows that multiple income streams is a positive way forward for a person, who previously may not have thought they had a way out of simply surviving.

For some of you, this will be true too, and if this rings a bell, then could I suggest checking out this link: Your route to new income streams there are three boxes to complete and an information pack will be sent to you immediately.

Through this company, I will be helping her become financially free and independent of outside concerns.

Some of her short term goals include:
Having a horse again, so she can go riding.
Having a life, rather than simply surviving.
Create enough income to open an animal sanctuary.
Affording a season ticket at rugby.

These are all attainable goals, and will be her motivation for success.

What goals do you have?

There is clear water ahead as we work together to create a new growing income.




Add to your earning portfolio in 2014

Seeking to meet people who would like to create new income streams on a part time basis. Working with an award winning FTSE250 company offering a range of services to the residential and business sector. Full training, full support, promotions and incentives are provided. UK wide. Works really well for existing businesses who have a client base and wish to market into same. 


So who are we seeking?

Socially able people People willing to learn Ambitious people People who are able to communicate Committed people

Does that sound like you or someone you know, then please read on ……

Our company is award winning, providing a range of services everyone uses at home and business, very importantly, there is training and support from the company, and the latest share option scheme is worth over £13,000. By the way, our latest year end results were at a new record. Pretty good for FTSE 250 at the London Stock Exchange.

So, would you like to know more?

Yes, well the next step is to watch a short video (about 3 minutes), and enter your details on screen and receive a document with further detailed information. It will answer some, but not all your questions, and that is where I come in.

In the meantime, here’s the video link:

Please make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, and sit down and watch.

You may never know this business could be the right thing at the right time for you with full training being provided at one of over 50 training venues across the country.

I look forward to speaking to you soon.

Best regards


Laurence Lowne
Group Leader
0795 789 0 757

PS I am only able to work with three new team members in January 2014 – could you be one of the three?

Here’s that link again:

What can you buy for £50?

£50 joining fee available for a limited period from March 2014 until 30th April 2014.

Many years ago (1997), an investment of £199.75 (inc Vat) [& tax deductible = zero cost] secured my position with a company called Telecom plus Plc (often referred to as Utility Warehouse).

I had no idea what I was joining, but something felt right, just how right would be proved by 2006, when I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

At the time, I was hugely active within networking circles; attending events all over the place at every time of the day, running them too, but that all came to halt over a three month period as I succumbed to the pain and has to be said confusion that my body was impacting upon me in a negative way.

Many tests later diagnosis was made, and referral to a consultant followed – here I have so much praise. Reassurance, guidance, support and solutions to ensure my life could continue in a way I would be happy. Drugs were prescribed; some worked, some didn’t, and eventually a balance found that means I could return to contributing to my business and people within.

Strangely, it mirrored the support I have from Telecom plus too, where it has been superb down the years as the business grew and grew; people there were equally concerned, and many stood in and supported my team members during my enforced absence. Fantastic.

Now almost seven years later, I can look back and say thank you to the many, who gave me direct support both health and business wise during that period. It is a great feeling.

It is something I want to share with others too.

None of us know what the future holds, whether it is our livelihoods, our pensions, our health and even family matters?

The fact, I made a decision, which in hindsight appears very prescient, means I have no major worries today.

That investment of £199.75 has been paid back so many times over regardless of the fact it is tax deductible = zero cost.

Here’s the best part, for the month of August 2013, it is just £50 (inc Vat) [& tax deductible = zero cost] to follow in my foot steps and those of many others and create a new part time business, which will eventually grow into a substantial benefit to you and your family and friends.

Presently, the company is seeking people to join the business on a part time basis and enjoy the success that is available.

There are share options, car plans (two), holiday promotions, cash promotions and overall a 13 part pay plan.

The support provided to people joining the business is quite comprehensive and training too:

HO Support available six days a week
Training [free to attend] – online and classroom
Support Network [multiple]
Annual Conference – Express Day
Six Monthly conference – Kick Off Seminars
Second Six Monthly conference – Summer Seminars
Tele Seminars every week
Weekly Newsletter
HotNews Updates
Back Office access called Extranet
Monthly Business meetings and business presentations [called Cops and pre-cops (as needed)] – 50 locations
Mentors – direct support in your locale.

There are countrywide presentations, once a month at over 50 different locations and one is bound to be near you.

There are immediate financial rewards for personal activity (Fast Start Bonus), and some of these are as follows:

Gather Three Customers during your first 60 days = £100
Gather Six Customers during your first 90 days = £150
Gather Twenty-Five Customers during your first 180 days = £250
Gather Fifty Customers during your first 365 days = £500

These bonus payments are in addition to standard Customer Gathering Bonus of up to £50 per customer and ongoing commission on usage.

The personal development provided by the company is brilliant too, and improves each year.

And all this is available for an investment of £50 and regular 5 to 10 hours a week activity on your part.

A lot has been covered here, and there is more to see.

Why not pop along to this link: and watch a short video? Also when you enter your details online, the system will send you a free money making report too. It is an excellent read.

So what can you buy for £50?

A couple of nice shirts or blouses
A decent meal
A full tank of petrol
A decent bottle of wine
Some lottery tickets

or how about the start of a new future that you can create on a part time basis being supported by a successful company?

Please take a look here: it could be your prescient moment.

Available for a limited period from March 2014 until 30th April 2014.

Creating your new income stream

What we do in 10 easy points…

1. We promote essential utilities such as energy, internet and mobile and landline telephone services to both residential customers and small businesses in the UK.

2. Our customers save money, benefit from award winning customer service and get all their services on one accurate, convenient, easy-to-understand monthly bill.

3. You can register to become a Distributor for just £100, and when you gather three multi service customers in 90 days then you get your £100 back!

4. Professional training is provided free of charge online and at a training venue near you. The training system ensures your success.

5. The Utility Warehouse provides you with your own personalised website, which means that you can sign up customers and other team members online.

6. You will be provided with all the marketing materials and support you need to help you grow your business.

7. Once an application is processed by our Head Office, your customer can start saving money right away. It’s a seamless process.

8. Every time you register a customer, you get paid a Customer Gathering Bonus – up to £50 depending on how many services the customer takes. When you gather 100 customers, you will have earned up to £5,000 in Customer Gathering Bonus, and there is no limit on what you can earn each month in customer gathering bonuses.

9. Every month, when your residential customer pays their monthly bill, you will receive a percentage of their spend – on average 3.5% (that is £5 for every £150 spent). When you gather 100 customers, your monthly income will be around £500 per month, every single month. The more customers you gather, the higher your monthly income. Gathering business customers will earn you more, since they spend more.

10. You can also recruit other Distributors and build a team. When your team members gather customers, you will receive a percentage of their monthly bill too.

The question now is ‘how soon would you like to get started and become a business partner of one of the most successful companies in the UK?’

More information here:

Utility Warehouse – delivers again and again

Are you bored or broke? Has your wage hit a dead end?

Want to take control of your life?

I am looking for energetic and ambitious people who want to create a better life for themselves.

If that sounds like you, I’d like to introduce you to a fantastic business opportunity.

For a small start-up fee you could:

• own your own business
• build a growing monthly income without limits
• do all this alongside other commitments, like your current job or your children.

No stock to carry, no targets to meet (unless you wish to*), no set hours – just talk to people at home and/or business about saving money!

Collect your own customers and receive commission for each one – every single month!

Build a team, and receive commission on their customers too.

If you’re interested – get in touch via this website: and I will explain the next step and show you how to make a lot of money.

By the way, please act now! For a limited period, the start-up fee is half price – just £100!

* Targets: If you are motivated by reward over and above money, then the company has just launched Go for Gold, which is a luxury trip for two people to the Olympics in London next year. There are a minimum of 33 pairs of tickets available to be won.

The prize includes:

Top Price tickets for athletics or diving finals on the 9 August
Five Hour exclusive tall ship cruise
Two nights’ luxury accommodation
Photo opportunity with a Gold Medal Olympian and MBE – this is the company CEO
Transfers to and from your hotel
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity

So a reminder, please visit: watch the video and download the information by entering your name, email address and phone number (mobile or landline), and I will be in touch very soon. You can sign up online too.

Networking ……. BoB Clubs

Having known Geoff Cox for many years, I eventually became involved in Bob Clubs just over two months ago, directly supporting a new local group here in Sutton, Surrey. It also has international groups too.

There is some serious investment going on with SEO; so it is well up to speed in helping you grow your business and contacts.

The Sutton group is very close to launch now, and following three meetings, it is certainly moving in the right direction. Even in its infancy I have picked up business, so know that networking continues to work in every which way.

One off registration fee of £95 + Vat, followed by annual £295 + Vat, only payable when the group officially goes live. Meeting fee, every two weeks, just £10, and very traditional 7am start.

Future dates as follows:

Tuesday 9 November
Tuesday 23 November
Tuesday 7 December

Would you like to attend or at least find out about whether your discipline is still available? If so, please drop me a line to my email – address under contact tab, or leave a message here?



Mothers returning to work settle for pay cuts …..

It appears the idea of motherhood is not sitting well with those who return to work seeking suitable part time work.

There are reports of mothers taking low-skilled and poorly paid employment, simply to find a job to work around chilcare on a part time basis.

And this could well get worse with the proposed cuts in child benefit.

Perhaps many mothers should look to start their own business, where they can work the hours that suit the family needs?

One such company is Utility Warehouse, where full and ongoing training can set up a mother for life with an increasing income, and build in total flexibilty to suit their needs; there is even offer of a car as well, which could well help with the family buget too.

Details here:

There are country wide presentations and training centres available to new joinees and existing team members.

Further use of the CashBack card, especially with Mothercare, Boots and Toys R Us, amongst the partner stores, will make any income earned go further.

A total win-win for any mother.

The Business Of The 21st Century – UK only

Authorised Distributor logoHere is what was published on the 14 August 2010.

Do you want more time?
Would you like more money?
Are you looking for an additional income?
Or, perhaps, to replace your existing job or business?

This call will give you all the information you need to decide whether this business is the right one for you.

This type of call has never been done before by the company.

Book your place today (limited numbers) and full details will be sent to you before the call.

Please send an email confirming your place today.

This call proved so popular on Sunday 17 August 2010 that the system prevented everyone from joining the call, so the company decided to add the content to a standalone number so more people can listen.


In this week’s conference call Jimmy Chapman (SMD) and Gary Whittaker (MD) discuss the business opportunity, and, more specifically, what it means for somebody who has yet to join.

Among other things they discuss:

•What makes the Utility Warehouse so special
•The single bill, money saving utility services and the power of the CashBack card
•Why now is the right time for this business opportunity
•The comprehensive online and classroom training
•The Martini presentation.

Because this is such an effective recording we’ve also decided to make it available for your prospects to listen to. Simply ask them to call 020 8955 5689 and they can hear the conference call in full.

Once you have listened, please contact Laurence to discuss the next step.

Pay Increase

commission up 13.34% on last month – Utility Warehouse residual income rocks.

If you would like to find out more, please click here:

There are Career Opportunity Meetings most nights of the week.

Please call to reserve your place at a local one to you – over 40 locations across the United Kingdom.

See Contact Us above.

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