Grow your Network or stagnate

There is always a danger that people become comfortable with their network of contacts, but what happens if businesses within your network stop expanding?

The result is that you stagnate and eventually shrink as a business, since you are being starved of fresh ideas and enquiries.

It is for this reason, that you must continue to grow your network of contacts, whether through direct activity in reaching new people or by diversifying your offering or simply by becoming involved with Joint Ventures.

Over the last few months, I have seen a surge in Work Local concepts, led by many networking organisations, such NRG, Federation of Small Businesses, Business Referral Exchange and the Chambers of Commerce.

This could be the rebirth of local communities, and will encourage local growth, which in this current economic climate must be good.

So how would you encourage local working?

Giraffe Press & Fly Design – great service

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jason Pavlou who is the proprietor of Giraffe Press in Croydon; two hours flew by and we diessected the world’s troubles.

A character, very knowledgable and ready to grow a business by working with others to help them deliver their message in a professional and timely manner. One of his high profile clients is Rachel Elnaugh

To date, Jason has produced roller banners and new business cards – as usual designed by Helen Ascott to her traditional high standard – I would be lost without Helen.

This association has the makings of a joint venture, and it will be interesting to see how things progress

Joint Ventures

Earlier in May 2010, I was invited to give a talk about Joint Ventures to an audience in Greenwich.

Almost 40 expectant faces were gathered at The Novotel by the station.

As is usual, I over ran my allotted 20 minutes, and concluded with a Q & A; all told almost 40 minutes were spent on this subject.

The talk was well received, since post-presentation the enquiries and requests for assistance keep on coming in.

Thank you to Kayode Olatuyi for the invitation, who is a great speaker in his own right, and teacher of these skills too. You can learn more about Kayode here

Very enjoyable and some great new contacts all round.

Well done to Kayode and the team, and very importantly to the attendees, who made the morning so special.

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