Wednesday 31st October 2012 – Trick or Treat?

The ghouls may be out tonight casting their shadow everywhere, but you can get yourself a treat by starting a new business this week and creating substantial ongoing income. There is full support, training, incentives, plus lots, lots more besides. The company is award winning and a British Plc. Everyone uses our services, so the market is massive.
Please pay a visit here and watch the three minute video, add your contact details and the system will send you lots of further information.
Even better, if you are in or near London, then why not come along to our business presentation on Thursday (1st November – 7:30pm) evening and meet us and have all your questions answered – we’ll need to reserve a place, so, please drop me a message with your contact details, and I will confirm that for you.
This business is ideal for people who are socially active and keen to improve their future prospects by taking charge of their outcome. Just five hours a week is needed to get you up and running.

166,000 newly self employed in the UK

Articles from Daily Mail Wednesday 28 december 2012

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I noticed two articles in the paper on Wednesday
(28/12/11), one which highlighted the fact that
there were an extra 166,000 (according to the
Office for National Statistics) joining the ranks
of the self employed between August and
October 2011, taking the total in the UK to
4.1 million, and the second (see below)
covering the increase in unemployment.

There are suggestions though many have become self employed to avoid the stigma of claiming benefit, whilst others are earning lots less that they need to survive in our inflation ridden country.

I have been self employed since 1988, and admit at times it has been tough, especially working on commission only in 2001, when the company I was representing suffered its own financial downturn. I learnt my lesson and soon diversified, creating many income streams, the latest this year, when I joined with NABO Networking.

So what has been your experience of running your own  business, and what tips would you offer?

Conversely the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) forecasts that the unemployed will reach 2.85 million in 2012 as opposed to 2.65 milion in 2011. Eventually reaching 2.9 million in 2013 – this being the highest figure since 1991.

Certainly, I have seen many more out of work than previously amongst my contacts, and likewise, I have seen many more join one of my businesses on a self employed basis too and starting to build themselves a future with Utility Warehouse – information here:

So what has been your experience, whether going self employed or being made redundant?

NABO Networking Croydon – who will be the 30th member?

Quite quickly, the group has grown to twenty-three 
members, and now people ask, when will we
get to 30?

Our present members, who are investing time on their business by learning together, include:

Andrew Adams – Adams Knowledge Network
Andrew Eade – Barclays Bank
Bill Smith – Reaching New Heights
Claire Scaramanga – Scaramanga Marketing Ltd
Dayo Badejo – AOB Estate Agents
Dee Bell – The Bell Group
Don Hooper – Butlers Wharf
Eddie Mir – ZBM Aviation Consultancy
Helen Ascott – Fly Design
Ian Marvin – Amalux
Ian Miller – Allen Barfields Solicitors
Jude Germain – Dynamic Transitions Ltd
Laurence Lowne – Combyne Group
Maria Mina – Albion HR
Mark Marcano – Alfa Communications
Martin Briggs – Hands on IT Services
Michael Omolegan – Pro Touch Group
Peter Burke – Cruse & Burke Accountants
Peter Hunter – Website Division
Steve Pinto – Access Self Storage
Tony Darlington – Innovative Web Media
Yinka Conde – Conde Consulting

The group are particularly looking for the following to join, add value and gain business for themselves:

Printer – Osteopath or Chiropractor – Florist – Events Organiser – Executive Car Hire – Insurance Broker – Stationery Supplier – Hairdresser – Copy Writer – Business Centre – Removals & Storage – Domestic Appliance Repairs – Electrician – Motor Mechanics – Translater – Van & Car Hire – Photographer.

Who do you who could be seeking additional business, and would like to visit our thriving group? Please ask them to visit this website and register to attend:

Updated May 2012

After a very enjoyable 12 months of success, NABO itself withdrew support from this venture, and therefore the group closed.

There is a replacement meeting at the same venue, and details can be found here:

CRX Croydon blog/website at

NABO Networking – Success in Croydon

When we launched early in June at The Hilton in Croydon, simply put, it was unknown quite what the reaction would be from the many business people, who like me, had become a little cynical about ‘networking’. Was there anything different that could be offered apart from paying your money, having a meeting, doing your presentation, and passing referrals, and perhaps getting some business?

Well it seems that NABO Networking has captured the attention of many up and down the country. Croydon is the largest group so far, and each and every guest who has attended, has left with a smile on their face, more importantly they have contributed to the meeting in a positive way. I think that is fantastic. How often have you been to a meeting, and felt like a fish out of water, gasping for breath?

Is it the low joining fee? No, but it does help.
Is it the great food? No, but it does help.
Is it the venue? No, but it does help.

Is it the structure of the meeting and the focus on relationship building, whilst learning together in how to improve your business? I think it could well be, since the pressure to perform like a circus seal has been removed from the meeting. The whole meeting is supportive, and attendees are not in competition with each other, but there to share their knowledge for the benefit of all.

I am delighted that new friendships and collaboration has resulted from the first few meetings – it is the sign that the group is working together.

Would you like to sample the future of networking, or perhaps know a business person, who could benefit?

Then, please visit here to find out more and register to attend:

NABO Networking Croydon – Successful launch

On Friday 3 June, over 20 business people gathered at The Hilton in Croydon for the launch of NABO Networking; the latest group to open in the United Kingdom.

2 hours later, 15 of the attendees had joined and became inaugural members of Croydon.

With the accent on education for business and the building of relationships, a professional and yet atmosphere pervailed.

The low membership fee allied with the excellent breakfast will enable this group to thrive with the target of 20 members by the end of July looking is very achievable. Annual membership is £200 + Vat (first time visitors receive a 50% discount) and the meeting fee is £15.

The next meeting will take place on the 17 June at the same venue commencing at 7:30am – plenty of car parking on site.

Details can be found here:

Further information can be obtained from Laurence on 0844 826 1730

Press Release: Business Owners Defy Downturn


The Nationwide Alliance of Business Owners
Launches a New Networking Group in Croydon

NABO is launching a new networking group for local business owners as part of our NABO Networking brand. The purpose of these groups is to provide business owners with the best possible networking experience, whether they are looking for new joint venture opportunities, solving the problems that are holding their businesses back, or sharing their accumulated knowledge with aspiring businesspeople.

Too many business owners neglect the importance of networking, often due to bad experiences at previous networking events. We decided that had to change, and now provide monthly networking sessions at first class venues, with a friendly and supportive atmosphere, under the direction of our expert staff.

Our first Croydon meeting will be held at the following venue and time:

Hilton Hotel
Waddon Way
off Purley Way
Croydon CR9 4HH

Friday 3 June 2011

7:30am start

To book your attendance, or for more information, please visit:


Notes for Editor

Local Group Director: Laurence Lowne of Combyne Group with more than 15 years of networking experience  and can be reached on 0795 789 0 757

NABO founded by renowned entrepreneur Jonathan Jay after turning his last £145 into a multi-million pound business, NABO has long offered expert instruction in sales and marketing to ambitious business owners through our various seminars, lectures and media products, and now, through our series of NABO Networking groups, we are applying the same standards of knowledge and professionalism to networking.

Issued Monday 30 May 2011

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