Extra Income?

As the credit crunch pinches even harder, more and more individuals and families are looking at taking on an extra job or two.

Very popular right now is the idea of developing a new income stream through what is called Network Marketing; this is where you build a network of agents to sell on your behalf. Taken seriously, this can prove to create a substantial income, but how do you start?

There are presently over 200 opportunties in the UK – some are UK centric others are global.

It seems logical to go for the one with the biggest audience. How does a 6 billion customer base grab you?

However, from personal experience within the industry going back to 1997, it would appear the more local the opportunity, the better it is for team growth and that lovely by-product income.

How do you work with someone based in Australia? You can’t just pop around for a coffee or chat? Whereas a person in your town or a few miles away can be met within an hour or so.

Please think carefully about this, since the theme will crop up again and again.

Then you have mass market appeal.Is your company of choice involved with cutting edge technology, both from the point of view of back up and supply of services or goods? Or are thy stuck in the dark ages, or pre-internet delivery? Do they win awards? Are they listed on the Stock Exchange? Are they transparent? Are they even within the UK?

These are vitally important questions.

How about post-joining support and development. Do they provide and offer ongoing training? Do they use outside trainers or distributors, who are active in the business? Do they show and tell, or simply tell?

Are there financial guarantees? Attainable targets? And are people achieving these? Extra rewards and recognition? How about share options?

Thankfully, literally per chance, I found a business that ticks all the right boxes and delivers year in, year out.

Details of the services can be found here or and information on the how the business works here – please enter your details and a PDF will be sent by the system, and then we can have a chat answer all your questions.

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  1. There is certainly a great deal to know about this
    topic. I love all the points you made.

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