Christmas is a time for giving ……… even in the United Kingdom

Over the years, I have supported a number of good causes and charities, and presently one of the businesses I work with supports over 2,000 of these organisations through a scheme called Community Fund Raiser.

It has become massively successful, since launched in 2004.

There are a whole range of award winning services and insurance is due to launch in 2016. 

Broadband – ADSL and Fibre
Mobile Phones
Mobile Broadband
Online Shopping and CashBack

And there are great deals on offer.

So if you are UK based and run a good cause, please ask for our information pack via the contact us tab and see how your one could benefit by creating an ongoing revenue stream?

Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings to all.

Corporate Social Responsibility – fund raising ideas

Corporate Social Responsibility

A term coined some 40 years ago, and has had a direct positive impact on many. A WiKi link appears at the foot of the article and covers both legal and social issues.

Plenty of larger organisations set up a charitable arm or foundation to deliver support and funding for the less well off. Others prefer a straight donation to their charity often selected by staff. One of the companies we work with has seen the team members select Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer UK as their recipients this year, and will see £200,000 raised for each. Last year, Make a Wish were beneficiaries.

However, one or two businesses are now recognising that giving can be provided, whilst spending, or even saving. It becomes a win – win for everyone concerned.

The challenge faced is how to make it seamless, but rewarding at the same time.

Combyne Group support in two ways:

Firstly, we work with and support a local company that provides retraining for those out of work, or who have personal issues, and help them rebuild their confidence, and then assist with securing interviews for jobs, whilst at the same time being paid for work within a customer service centre.

It works, and works really well, since the businesses using the customer service centre, also then fulfil some of their CSR responsibilities too.

Secondly, we help charities and good causes, often those who have not-for-profit status raise funds by helping their supporters reduce their outgoings. Then sharing the commission with the good cause.

Again a win – win; the supporters get a great deal and the organisation receives a growing source of new income each month.

Presently over 2,000 organisations raise funds this way across the country.

The latest is Mu Lung Wushu Ghoon (Wooden Dragon martial arts classes).

They like many others are struggling to raise money from the usual sources, and they realised they had to take action and raise funds themselves.
Mu Lung Wushu Ghoon have registered to raise funds through the brilliant Community Fund Raiser Scheme and promote a range of award-winning services, used both by residential and business customers in the UK.
So perhaps you would like to help this good cause by taking some of the services offered here and they will then be rewarded with a slice of commission.

If you would like advice on the range of services, then a call to 0800 131 3000 and quote appeal number J27710 will be the best way forward.

Typically, 100 people supporting Mu Lung Wushu Ghoon via the above link or any other organisation will create ongoing income of £500 per month. For Mu Lung Wushu Ghoon such income will be a life saver, since presently they are unable to afford to increase the number or range of classes run and this will change their whole outlook.

Alternatively, you might run a good cause and like to benefit from this scheme?

If so, a quick message to Laurence and I can arrange a PDF, which will explain more.

Here’s the WiKi, mentioned above.

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