Over 50s jobless rate soars to a 16 year record

The future is tied up with the youth, however, what Record number over 50 out of work
happens to those of a certain age, who have been made
redundant in the last few years?

Here, I am talking about the over 50s, which has soared in recent years. Many have found the doors are closed to full time work, thus taking just part time positions, well below their skill level, simply to have some income.

Whilst others have gone the whole hog and invested a lump sum in a franchise, using a system to create replacement income. However, anyone who has been in business for a number of years knows breaking into a market and creating a ready stream of new business in a competitive environment, needs deep pockets and a 100% positive belief.

For many this is simply too daunting, and with Business Link closing its support network, that becomes ever more difficult.

Thankfully for some, they become aware there is another way, and over the last three years there has been a massive surge in interest in alternative means of creating new income. One of the major success stories has been Utility Warehouse, which offers the only complete multi service solution for both home owners and business users in the UK.

Business presentations are packed out at venues up and down the country as more and more people realise this is the best way forward with full training, ongoing support and award winning services on offer, and a rather attractive compensation plan to boot and low start up investment.

To find out more, please visit: http://www.future-biz.co.uk/ watch the video and request the information pack by filling in your details.


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