NABO Networking – Success in Croydon

When we launched early in June at The Hilton in Croydon, simply put, it was unknown quite what the reaction would be from the many business people, who like me, had become a little cynical about ‘networking’. Was there anything different that could be offered apart from paying your money, having a meeting, doing your presentation, and passing referrals, and perhaps getting some business?

Well it seems that NABO Networking has captured the attention of many up and down the country. Croydon is the largest group so far, and each and every guest who has attended, has left with a smile on their face, more importantly they have contributed to the meeting in a positive way. I think that is fantastic. How often have you been to a meeting, and felt like a fish out of water, gasping for breath?

Is it the low joining fee? No, but it does help.
Is it the great food? No, but it does help.
Is it the venue? No, but it does help.

Is it the structure of the meeting and the focus on relationship building, whilst learning together in how to improve your business? I think it could well be, since the pressure to perform like a circus seal has been removed from the meeting. The whole meeting is supportive, and attendees are not in competition with each other, but there to share their knowledge for the benefit of all.

I am delighted that new friendships and collaboration has resulted from the first few meetings – it is the sign that the group is working together.

Would you like to sample the future of networking, or perhaps know a business person, who could benefit?

Then, please visit here to find out more and register to attend:


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