[Combyne Group Update No. 26] A new year and more tax rises – how will you increase turnover and profit?

Good morning everyone, and a very Happy New Year to all.

This update is lots shorter than last year, and you will see why in a second.

Last week I lost a very good family friend. Hilda had a great life, into her 90s, lots of grand children and great grand children too, and I wondered last night coming back from prayers how she would have coped in the present day and age with all the new technology, lots of extra taxes, CCTV and so on.

Hilda was outspoken at times, religious and a respecter of elders, put the family first and herself second.

Whereas today it seems lots of people are in life and business for themselves and not others – now how did that come about?

I suppose that is the main reason I do so enjoy face to face networking, because it is built on old fashioned principles of helping others before yourself and you get great satisfaction from that. It is the old job well done.

Business Referral Exchange has been great for me, and now Business Over Breakfast is doing the same.

Tomorrow morning (Tuesday, 18 January), Carshalton BoB will be meeting at 06:45am. The meeting is held at The Greyhound Hotel, 2 High Street, Carshalton, SM5 3PE. There is plenty of car parking on site.

An investment of time and a meeting fee of £10 will secure your place.

Please click this link to learn more and reserve your place: http://www.bobclubs.com/Club/Carshalton

Bob Clubs are a great way of increasing your network, generating new business and providing a fillip to your turnover and profit. We are there to work for each other.

Further the Combyne Blog has been updated.

Here are a few links:

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OFT and Twitter, plus other online media

Do please have a read and leave your comments.

Have a great week.

Best regards

Laurence Lowne
Combyne Group
0844 826 1730
0795 789 0 757


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