More than 866,000 people aged 65 & over are still working

Over 65 and still working

Over 65 and still working

So much for retiring at an age when leisure should be more important.

However, the UK has a major headache on its hands as the aging population outstrips those of younger age. Our elders are staying in work longer, reducing opportunities for those in their teens and twenties, and then leaving them on the scrap heap, when work should should be second nature.

And it gets worse, since our maturer members of society are having to work to pay mortgages they have taken out, which continue being charged well into their 70s and beyond. Their pensions being insufficent to cover the mrotgage payments, this forcing them to take part time and full time positions, further reducing the opportunity for younger people.

Both SAGA and Policis have produced reports this month (January 2011) confirming this trend, please see the cutting from the Daily Mail opposite. Truly frightening.

This has perhaps explained the increasing number of people joining my business these last few years, since it presents them with the opportunity to work part time and whenever time to create extra income when they see fit, and equally when they are fit enough to do so.

More details here:

Who do you know who would like to have the means to increase their monthly income without committing to regular 9 – 5 hours? Please ask them to take a look at the link above and see how a company with lots Which? magazine Best Buy ratings could help them survive their later years without poverty. 

Likwise controlling outgoings is equally important, and looking through the recent new clients sees more and more in this age range too – suppose the Best Buy helps as well


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