BAD News

Not as bad as you may think.

But a very useful newsletter that appears weekly called Business Advisors News, which I have been following now for many years and often a source of great information. Details here along with their other publications.

Sometime, I miss something in the press, but BAD comes to my rescue with the digest. Absolutely fantastic.

Here is another which caught my eye, and rather crucial to the Combyne Group business, since we offer people of different backgrounds the chance to create additional income streams – and in particular those who have been left disadvantaged by main stream work, since the working hours do not fit with the school run.

See what you think?

Fewer businesses plan to hire working mothers

A survey by business services firm Regus has indicated that businesses are less likely to hire working mothers than they were in 2010. Just a quarter of businesses surveyed said they would take on working mothers this year, down from 38% in 2010. Yet overall, 43% of firms confirmed they were looking to hire staff this year. According to the survey results, red tape surrounding employment of women, a perceived lack of commitment and out-of-date skills are factors in deciding whether to take on working mothers.

There is more on this story at:


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