Success for Manufacturing Company – gas and electricity – over £2,500 saved

Two weeks ago a new client came on board.

Huge costs on their gas and electricity. Quick research showed savings could be made.

Savings delivered will work out at over £2,500 per annum, across their two units.

Combyne Group has now been asked to look at their telephony (landline, broadband and mobile contracts too), and see whether further savings can be achieved there as well.

Further all employees (some 20 staff) have been offered a home review too, which will go some way to offset the lack of pay rise over the last two years, as typically home users can save just under £900 per annum on their services – details here:

The bosses are happy and the staff will be happier as well knowing their employers have their interests at heart.

Who do you know who would like to benefit in the same way, whether at home or in business anywhere within the UK?

Please do get in touch for a free review.

Laurence Lowne
Delivering savings down the Line

Phone: 0844 826 1730
Fax: 0871 900 1129


Utility Warehouse delivers again and again – CashBack winners

The Utility Warehouse has delivered one of the most exciting partners into the CashBack card scheme this week.

Marks and Sparks joins the ranks alongside, Sainsbury’s plus another 34 companies from the high street and beyond, and further, 1700 stores online provide additional evidence of this undoubted success.

Previously it was estimated a typical family would achieve an extra £360 of savings each year simply by spending as they usually do – that has got to increase with the latest partners, which also includes Toys R Us and Pizza Express.

Not content with award winning services, the company now provides award winning partners too.

Simply great.

To find out more about the benefits of the CashBack card, please visit and Click Top Right Hand Side – CashBack card.

Also, who do you know who would be interested in creating an extra income stream to supplement their present earnings, and could simply find three other people who would like to benefit from the massive extra savings delivered through the CashBack card? More details on this can be found here:

Simply brilliant.

The CashBack card can be issued both to home and business users (great way to control petty cash), and the CashBack is credited to your bill with Utility Warehouse, which provides a range of services, including gas, electricity, mobile phones (& airtime – great tariffs), landline, broadband, mobile broadband, internet phone line and non geographic numbers (0800, 0844, 0845 and 0871), also line installs from £69.99 – please ask for full details.


PS If the CashBack exceeds your monthly bill with Utility Warehouse, then don’t worry, the extra will be credited straight to your bank account.

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